BB Gun E&L EL-A113S AKMS real steel, real wood When thinking of an AK gun, you must think of the E&L brand first. Because the work of this brand is truly the most realistic among airsoft guns of various brands, including materials that use real steel frames. It can rust if you want realism. Real wood gives it a great feel. Anyone who wants an AK gun for playing or collecting should not miss it at all.

หมวดหมู่ : Airsoft


  • Manufacturer: E&L Made in China
  • Hop-up: Yes
  • Firing system: Semi/Fully Automatic
  • Bullet size: 6 mm. BBs
  • Strength (FPS): 420 with 0.20g ball
  • Equipment in the box: Equipment as in the box
  • Magazine holds: 120 rounds (uses general AK magazine
  • Weight: 3.5 kg(7.71 lb)
  • Length: 660 -910 mm
  • GearBox/Boot: 9mm. Ver.3
  • Cylinder head: bearing
  • Air Nozzle: ABS
  • Bearing head: Yes
  • Piston: steel teeth
  • Wiring: black-red
  • Gear: Steel
  • Guide Rod: Steel
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