Army Armament R601 JW3 TTI COMBAT MASTER


BB Gun Army Armament R601 JW3 TTI COMBAT MASTER All Metal Construction - Weight Reducing Slide Reinforced frame. Realistic Blowback System. Extended magazine release for quick magazine release. The fiber optic front and rear sights are adjustable. New sealed valve magazine - improved, reduces gas consumption.

Categories : Airsoft


  • Model: Army Armament R601
  • Bullet size: 6mm BBs
  • Magazine contains: 25+1 rounds
  • Material: Slide Metal /
  • Gas system/support: Gas/medium gas, strong gas
  • Strength: 350fps
  • BlowBack system: Yes
  • Hop-up: Yes
  • Firing System: Semi-Automatic
  • SAFE system: Yes
  • Weight: 1050 g
  • Length: 230 mm
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