BB Gun MP5K - CYMA CM.041K Light machine gun from Galaxy, stubby face, folding tail, very small, has a built-in front hand grip, extremely agile, suitable for true runners, can shoot and hurt. If you like playing with light machine guns, the MP5K PDW is considered a good choice.

Categories : Airsoft


  • Bullet size: 6mm BBs
  • Power: 320-340fps
  • Effective distance: 25-30 meters
  • Ammunition capacity: 200 rounds (magmo)
  • System: Electric (Semi, Full-Auto)
  • Body: Metal / Nylon Polymer
  • Gear box: V.2 QD steel, steel gears 8 mm bearing boots
  • Inner pipe: 120 mm
  • Length : 502 mm
  • Weight: 1.9 kg
  • There is a battery charger and bullet prod inside the box.
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