E&C EC-332


BB Gun E&C BCM TTI (Taran Tactical Innovations) F8 13.5 inch Keymod Gel Blaster (EC-332) Discover how good it feels to be like J0hn Wick with the perfect blend of style and performance with the E&C BCM Taran Tactical Innovations F8 Gel Blaster, designed to impress even the most discerning enthusiast. This amazing blaster sets a new standard in the world of gel blasters. Get ready to dominate the battlefield and stand out with the E&C BCM Taran Tactical Innovations F8 13.5 inch Keymod.

Categories : Airsoft


  • Full metal receiver handguard sights buffer tube and barrel assembly. Durable polymer stock and pistol grip
  • Length: 865 mm
  • Weight: 2.698kg
  • Outer thread direction: 14 mm counterclockwise
  • Gearbox: LDX Basic
  • Motor: Long shaft
  • Fire Mode: Semi/Full Auto Safety
  • Package includes: Gun Magazine (Warinterest Nylon P Magazine)
  • Material: Alloy Polymer
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