BB Gun Well-MB08D L96 Sniper the newest model from the factory new barrel. Spiral groove The mouth of the barrel is threaded. Supports soundproofing The buttstock can be folded. Has been developed from the latest version equipped with a shooting stand. Adjustable Upgrade the durable metal trigger set with a 90-degree serration set and add a powerful spring. Increased speed 100-150 fps.

Categories : Airsoft


  • Length: 114 cms.
  • Barrel length: 61 cms.
  • Caliber size: 6 mm.
  • Weight: 4,120 g
  • Shooting Mode: Air Cocking Pull Shoot
  • Bullet Speed: 500 - 580 FPS
  • Magazine: holds 30 rounds
  • Provides power from: Spring power
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable.
  • Camera: Magnification 3-9 times
  • Sand legs: Length 20 cms. Can be adjusted to a maximum length of 26 cms.
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