Well-MB 03D


BB Gun Well-MB03D Sniper M700 Model or VSR-10 Air Cocking shooting spring system Upgraded full steel trigger box 90 degrees CNC piston reinforced steel shoulder. Stainless steel cylinder 9mm. thick wire spring spring guide rod reinforced bushing. The gun body is made from good quality nylon polymer plastic not easily brittle or broken. Tornado Spiral Grooved Metal Pipe Comes with sand legs and camera.

Categories : Airsoft


  • Weight: 3000g
  • Length: 1080mm
  • Material: Metal / Plastic Wood
  • System: Shooting spring
  • Strength: 530-550 fps
  • System: BlowBack
  • Hop-up: Yes
  • Firing system: Single Action
  • SAFE system: Yes
  • Magazine: Contains 30 rounds
  • Bullet size: 6mm BBs
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